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Causes and Effects of Global Warming

Global Warming is an issue of our world at-large. The emission of harmful gases like carbon dioxide and others into the atmosphere makes it difficult to maintain the natural environmental conditions. Despite extensive efforts by the authorities, not enough people realize and act on the importance of avoiding global warming. This is mainly due to the fact that despite the presence of legislation, the implementation has not been done the way it was supposed to and consequently, global warming is still ongoing. The main effects of massive global warming can be witnessed in the form of extended climates. The frequency of floods and hurricanes in the coastal areas around the globe has increased. The temperature extremes are commonplace these days. Similarly, many areas are experiencing droughts and forest fires every now and then.

The change in the atmospheric temperature brings about several artificial changes to the wild animals. The migration pattern of various animals and birds is being adversely affected by global warming as more and more creatures tend to move farther from the equatorial regions. For example, the butterflies and mosquitos are now found in the areas away from their natural habitat. Butterflies as such are not dangerous for human health, however mosquitos may cause malaria which is obviously a fatal disease.

Not only animals, but vegetables are also not safe from the negative effects of global warming. The growth patterns of various flowers and plants have deviated from the natural route. Due to extreme temperatures, the agricultural yield cannot be achieved according to the demand. The physiology of the plants is also affected by the depletion of ozone. The process of photosynthesis is triggered which produces a large number of allergen.
One of the main causes of global warming is the release of many harmful gases into the atmosphere which gives rise to the Greenhouse effect. Due to depletion of the ozone layer, more and more cases of skin cancer have been reported in recent times. The carbon dioxide absorbed by the seawater is released with the decrease in temperature of the waters. Burning fossil fuels, therefore, gives rise to the most serious problems of the modern world. The use of various fuels like petrol and diesel etc is yet another cause of the release of carbon dioxide into the air.

Apart from the medical problems in the shape of various diseases, global warming has far reaching effects on the world economy which has created much hype about the phenomenon. Scientists consider it to be the main cause for the increasing cases of cancers and skin infections. However, they have not been very successful in making their point clear to the masses as they do not feel motivated towards supporting the battle against global warming as a motivator of human civilizations. This entire situation has gotten to such a state that there is a dire need for a plethora of social environmental revolutions around the globe.